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The Light of Dharma July 2021 – June 2022  3


                The Light of Dharma is a bilingual annual journal in Thai and English. It is
                sponsored by Phraphutthamingmongkhon Sattha 45 Foundation. Its content is about
                the teachings and knowledge of Buddhism, stories of important characters in Buddhism
                and news about Buddhist activities in Phuket, including the Phraphutthamingmongkhon
                Ek-nakkhiri Project (The Big Buddha of Phuket) at the Buddha Garden on Mt. Nakkerd

                under the supervision of Kittisangkharam Temple (Kata Temple). Our purposes are to
                contribute Dharmic knowledge at the Buddha Garden on Mt. Nakkerd and through
                various other medias of the foundation as well as donating copies of the magazine to
                public amenities such as libraries, government organizations, charity organizations and
                other suitable places in Phuket. This journal project is run by the same editorial board
                that used to run a journal project of the same name, which was then sponsored by
                the Phuket Buddhist Society 2007-2008. The first issue of this new journal is scheduled

                to be the July-December 2016 issue.
                       Any libraries, education institutes, organizations and individuals who are
                interested in receiving this journal for public benefits may contact the foundation by
                using the contact details below.
                              Phraphutthamingmongkhon Sattha 45 Foundation
                       42/14 Moo 2, Thepkasattree Rd., Rasada Sub-District, Muang District,

                                             Phuket Province 83000
                        Tel 08 1891 3827, 08 1552 3790 , 076 373 138-9 ; Fax 076 373 140
                  ; Line ID : suporn37 or harin_s
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