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The Light of Dharma July 2021 – June 2022  7

                                                                           Editorial Preface

                     Now this crisis situation, or the “disease-world-war”, has seen the virus
                     attacking people on all continents not discriminating between ideologies,

                     capitalists or communists. Even though the attacking virus is just a microbe,
                     how do we protect, treat ourselves? Is it with medicine, vaccine and safety
                          It seems the virus can mutate itself rapidly to continually defy human

                     knowledge and sciences.  No one knows when this war will end. It defies
                     our three weapons by adapting itself. Doesn’t it?
                          Buddhists, or anyone who is enlighten and of any nation or religion,

                     need to deeply consider this crisis and follow the Buddhist teachings.
                     This is the teachings’ of nature, of caution, seeking and using the truth, of
                     science, generosity to others and nature, patience, sacrifice and seeing the
                     human loss as normal.

                          This is the way of the Buddhists.
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